About Gall Brothers General Engineering, Inc.

Gall Brothers General Engineering, Inc. was founded and incorporated in 1995 with the ideals of dedication, honesty and partnering with organizations. Since the incorporation of Gall Brothers General Engineering, Inc. the company has experienced a steady growth in Southern California, primarily in the Antelope Valley. Gall Brother’s professional staff combined offer over 50 years of hands-on pipeline construction knowledge and expertise.

President/CEO, Wayne Gall, has over 28 years in the pipeline construction industry, with 14 of those years with Gall Brothers. Vice President/Superintendent Curtis Gall has over 27 years in the pipeline construction industry. Most of our employees have been with us for 10 or more years. With the expertise and experience of this organization our clients are continually provided with exceptional performance.

Gall Brother’s General Engineering, Inc. has the ability to construct a wide range of projects both in terms of size and type. Gall Brother’s can construct various size projects, from small projects to multimillion dollar projects.

Gall Brother’s capabilities include: Water, Sewer, Storm Drainage, Concrete Structures, Dry Utilities (telephone, electrical, cable TV, and gas), Mechanical Piping, Petroleum Systems, Demolition, Design-Build Projects, Extensive Shoring, and Emergency Response Services. We proudly stand as one of the few contractors with the flexibility, diversity, and capability to span the full spectrum of civil construction.

Gall Brothers General Engineering, Inc.